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Nov, 2020

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Rapid City Junior Olympic                                                                 USA – 11/15/20 - 6:00 pm

Annual Board Meeting Minutes                                               Meeting Site – via ZOOM

1.            Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

2.            Roll call:

                a.            Present: Mike Demming, Danielle Colicheski, Steve Vernon, Stacie Collins, Tim Markovetz, Chad Mehrer, and Sonja Love

                b.            Absent: Nate Laron, William Cannon, Scott Sebow, and Brad Burns

3.            Approval of minutes of previous meeting:

                a.            Motion made by Mike Demming, second by Tim Markovetz, motion carried.

4.            Season recap:

                a.            Overall good season despite COVID-19 challenges. Had a late start but COVID-19 cases were kept to a minimum.

5.            Buildings Maintenance:

                a.            Sheds were painted.

6.            Taxes:

                a.            Completed by Ketel Thorstensen. They are up to date and balance owed to IRS will be taken care of this week.

7.            State Tournament:

                a.            Successfull with a good turnout.

8.            Grounds and Fields:

                a.            60 plus sprinkler heads and 2 valve boxes were replaced this year.

             b.            Yearly maintenance was completed on all equipment: including $2,000 was spent to repair a lawnmower mid-way through season; Lighting and outlet repairs; Umpires moved back to the crows-nest; and equipment moved to lower fields.

                c.             New helmets were purchased for pitchers and catchers in the 6U through 10U  divisions.

                d.            Every participant received their own helmet and all were returned.

9.            Financials:

                a.            Waiting on checks from high school teams. Once payments are received there will be  $140,000 + in savings.

10.          Missed revenue:

                a.            The early bird tournament was cancelled resulting in loss of approximately $12,000.

                b.            Refunds totaled approximately $52,000.

                c.             Concessions were down approximately $45,000.

                d.            Total missed revenue $109,000.

              e.            Thank you to Mike Demming for ensuring that COVID-19 compliance was maintained in accordance with City ordinances. Money was spent sanitizing, hiring personnel to sanitize between games, and purchasing COVID -19 guideline signs.

11.          Concessions:

                a.            Profit of $36,802, down $45,000 from last year. The season started with no  concessions and they were then limited for the remainder of the season.

                b.            Thank you to Shannon for overseeing the concessions and having minimal leftover waste at the end of the season.

                c.             It was suggested that we re-emphasis next year that only players 14 years of age and older are allowed to handle the money and make change.

12.          High School season breakdown:

               a.          Costs:    Field maintenance - $3900; Concession stand oversight- $3900; Umpire fees -approximately $17,000; Utilities -approximately $5,000; softballs, chalk and miscellaneous supplies - $7300

                b.            $2,000 profit was given back to teams who helped with concessions;

                c.             High School season cost the league $17,000. Next season we will need to address how to proceed with the high school program due to these losses.

13.          Moving Forward:

                a.            Waiting to hear from City of Rapid City on whether they will address drainage problem.

                b.            Dug outs in fields 1 through 4 are weathered and need wrapped.

                c.             Playground and warm-up areas need to be completed, after COVID-19 interruption  this year.

             d.           A question was raised about nets around Field 5 and 6. There have been conversations with Monument Health to fund shade nets (like fields 3 and 4) but talks came to a halt due to   COVID-19.



14.          New Board Member Elections:

                a.            Current Board Members (1 year left in term): Chad Mehrer, Danielle Colicheski, Sonja Love, Stacie Collins, and Scott Sebow

                b.            Board Members running for re-election: Steve Vernon, Mike Demming, and Tim  Markovetz

                c.             Terms Expiring (not running for re-election): Brad Burns and William Cannon

                d.            New on the Ballot: Bo Sabo, Mark Meissner, Wayne Iddings, and Justin Cox

              e.           Mike Demming made a motion to approve all candidates, seconded by Stacie Collins, one nay and motion carried to approve.

15.          Follow-up questions and concerns:

                a.            Maintenance of fields between games was not satisfactory at times and improvement will be sought in the upcoming season. An attempt will be made to find a group of coaches and parents who commit to preparing the fields during inclement weather.  This will hopefully result in the ability to play at least some of the games following bad weather.

16.          Next Board Meeting (to include new board members):

                a.            Scheduled for Thursday November 19   at 6:30 p.m. via ZOOM.

17.          Motion was made to adjourn meeting by Tim Markovetz at 6:34 pm, seconded by Chad Mehrer, motion carried.


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